Saturday, September 24, 2011

System.Net.Mail being redirected to other addresses

I have a small aspx site setup that uses System.Net.Mail on a few pages to send mail using Godaddy's  The site is hosted there as well.   The site will send me an email when someone logs in, visits certain pages, or when a client updates their information.  All of these emails are set to be From my address and To my address and it works fine.  What's happening however is about once a day, I'll get a mailer-daemon message saying that  the mail message  was not deliverable to about 15-20 addresses.  The content of the message is exactly like I would expect from my site, so it's not been changed for spamming.   I don't recognize any address nor are any of these addresses in the database the site uses nor are they anywhere in the directory of the site.

 The answer is to use an alternative  for
The email server don't support that the email have too much email address.
You can try another email server to test it.

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