Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to display a popup dynamically in ext.net?

Here I will show you quick tips on how you can create a dynamic popup control in your ext.net application.
Look at the following server side ext.net code snippet:
            var win = new Window
                ID = "CommWindow",
                Title = "Communication",
                Width = Unit.Pixel(800),
                Height = Unit.Pixel(550),
                Modal = true,
                Collapsible = true,
                Maximizable = false,
                Hidden = false,


            win.AutoLoad.Url = "~/CommunicationLogEntryPopup.aspx?wno=" + wno + "&boid=" + boid + "&declareid=" + declareid;
            win.AutoLoad.Mode = LoadMode.IFrame;

            win.Render(this.Form); win.Dispose();

First create a window and define all its properties and load your page into the window and IFrame.
Hope this will help you guys. 

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