Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crystal Report Performance Improvement Tips

How can I improve performance of crystal report in my web application?

Solution: Here is some important tips for improvement of crystal report performance in a web application:
1. Avoid using Linked OLE object if not extremely necessary. Locating OLE object is potentially time consuming.
2. Avoid using Sub-report if you can do same without sub-report. Incorrect use of sub report may have huge impact on performance.
3. Avoid special functions: Page N of M, Total Page Count. This cause the report more time to display first page.
4. Avoid unnecessary use of graphics. This may cause disk I/O which will impact on performance.
5. Remove un-used objects from report.
6. Remove or suppress unnecessary report section.
7. If summaries are used in the report, use conditional formulas instead of running totals when ever possible.
8. Whenever possible, limit records through Record selection Formula, not suppression. Return only necessary data from your data source.
9.  Perform grouping on database server.
10.Disable report option Verify of First Refresh and Verify Stored Procedure on First Refresh.

Hope this will help.

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